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Nitehawk Airsoft

A high-intensity strategic combat game

Replica airsoft guns are used to shoot low-impact plastic BBs

Great for tactical scenarios

Airsoft Information

Certification Testing:

All testing for Sniper, DMR, and LMG Certification will be done before matches at the chrono. Please show up early and have your gear ready for certification test.

What to wear:

Eye protection is mandatory. It's a good idea to wear something to protect your face as well.

This is an outdoor action sport in the woods, so dress in weather appropriate active gear. BDU's or a hoodie and jeans, you do you.

It's a good idea for clothing to cover exposed skin and to wear good footwear that protects the ankle.

Airsoft BBs are lightweight and plastic, and they don't tend to mark or damage clothing.

What to bring:

We provide rentals, but you're welcome to bring your own. Please make sure your airsoft gun will chronograph. Plenty of sports drinks and water are also a good idea.

What to expect:

Yes, airsoft bb's can sting a little. The sensation is similar to getting snapped with a rubber band. However, players are usually having so much fun they hardly notice. Saftey glasses and mouth coverings must be worn at all times on the field. Overshooting and other forms of unsafe behavior are not permitted.

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